Demographics and Work Force

The region’s workforce is rated among the most productive in the United States by both the Federal Government and private management consultants.  The Gateway Region’s unique multiple state location provides a workforce of more than 331,777 within a 50 mile radius from 2009 data. Through the state of Louisiana’s customized training assistance programs, employees can be trained to fill a wide variety of positions that relocating and expanding  companies need.  The neighboring states of Arkansas and Texas support the labor force needs of the region.

The productivity and work ethic of Lousiana workers have enabled them to master the most complicated industrial jobs.  Louisiana is a right-to-work state; which means you’ll have an easier time fnding employees who want to work and are willing to give a full day’s work.

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Northwest Louisiana Economic Business Climate

The Milken Institute’s Best-Performing Cities Index ranked Shreveport-Bossier, La., 34th out of the 200 largest metros in 2010, due to job growth, income growth and high-tech GDP growth. Forbes and named Shreveport the 12th best mid-size city for job growth in the U.S. MovieMaker magazine named Shreveport the third best city in the nation for independent filmmaking.

State of Louisiana - Moving up in the national rankings of states

Louisiana traditionally has been listed near the bottom of many significant national economic rankings, but this historical trend has begun to reverse over the last three years. In fact, Louisiana has moved up in almost every major economic and business climate ranking since 2008. In 2010, a growing number of publications indicated Louisiana is the most improved state for business in the U.S.

  • Business Facilities magazine named Louisiana its 2010 “State of the Year” based on its strong business climate, business-friendly tax environment and overall business development success. Business Facilities Editor-in-chief Jack Rogers said, “We were particularly impressed with the diversity of Louisiana's strategy for developing high-growth sectors, including digital media, alternative energy, advanced manufacturing and modular nuclear power plant components.”
  • Site Selection magazine ranked Louisiana ninth best in its 2010 “Business Climate Ranking,” which represented Louisiana’s highest placement in the ranking to date. Louisiana’s 16-spot improvement from its 2009 ranking of 25th was the best of any state in the U.S.
  • Pollina Corporate Real Estate named Louisiana the most improved state for business in the U.S., due to the state’s performance in Pollina’s “Top 10 Pro-business States” ranking over the past two years. Specifically, Louisiana jumped to 20th in 2010, up from 27th in 2009 and 40th in 2008.
  • Business Facilities magazine recognized LED FastStart as the nation’s top state workforce training program. Business Facilities Editor-in-chief Jack Rogers said, “Louisiana has established the gold standard for workforce training solutions … Louisiana is far ahead of the curve with a fully integrated program that works in partnership with higher education.”
  • Southern Business & Development magazine named Louisiana “Co-state of the Year” for the second year in a row, noting that Louisiana attracted more significant business investment and job-creating projects per capita than any other state in the South.
  • Site Selection magazine named LED the second best performing state economic development agency in the U.S., representing LED’s first appearance in the top 10.
  • Louisiana experienced significant gains in the Pacific Research Institute’s Tort Liability Index for 2010. Specifically, Louisiana jumped from 29th in 2008 to 11th in 2010, based on the outcomes of its state tort system.
  • Louisiana jumped from 18th in 2008 to eighth in 2009 (latest available data) on the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, with a rate of 430 entrepreneurs out of every 100,000 state residents.

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     Counties within 50 miles of Caddo Parish, LA centroid

Source:  STATS Indiana : 7/28/2011

Louisiana Business Taxes

Corporate Income Tax:

Federal income taxes are an allowable deduction in computing Louisiana taxable income. The tax structure is as follows:

  • 4 percent on first $25,000;
  • 5 percent on second $25,000;
  • 6 percent on next $25,000;
  • 7 percent on next $100,000;
  • 8 percent over $200,000.

Louisiana allows federal income tax deduction against state income tax liability.

Corporate Franchise Tax:

Franchise tax is assessed on the value of all real and personal property in the state, or the amount of issued and outstanding capital stock, surplus, undivided profits and borrowed capital. The rate is:

  • $1.50 per $1,000 on first $300,000 of capital stock, surplus, undivided profits and borrowed capital;
  • $3 per $1,000 above $300,000.

Sales and Use Tax:

Four percent levied on sale of tangible personal property at retail, as well as the use, consumption, distribution or storage of tangible personal property and the sale of services in the state; 1–5 percent local rate; several exemptions provided for sales tax; electricity, water, natural gas, machinery and equipment used by manufacturers are exempt from Louisiana sales tax.

4% Louisiana State Sales Tax

City Sales & Use Tax  Amount

Caddo Parish                          Total = 7.35%

Shreveport City                       Total = 8.6%

Town of Vivian                       Total = 7.85%

Town of Oil City                    Total = 8.35%

Property Tax:

Louisiana has no state property tax. Parish and municipal governments levy property tax on real and tangible property and tax rates vary by location.

            Property Taxes                        Mills (2010)

            Inside City Limits                   133.82

            Outside City Limits                136.94

            Source: Caddo Parish Tax Assessor’s Office

Louisiana State Contact:

Louisiana Economic Development
1051 North Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-3000

Personal Income Tax (Effective January 1, 2009)

Tax rates for individual filing single, married filing separately, or head of household are

  • 2% of the first $12,500
  • 4% of the next $37,500
  • 6% of taxable income over $50,000
  • The above rates remain the same for married couples filing a joint return; however, the taxable income  amounts are doubled
  • Louisiana's simplified income tax includes a combined personal exemption and standard deduction of $4,5000 ($9,000 for married couples filing jointly)
  • Dependent deduction of $1,000 per dependent
  • Age 65 or over deduction is $1,000 for the taxpayer and/or dependent
  • Blind deduction is $1,000 for the taxpayer and/or dependent

Source: Louisiana Department of Revenue

Turnover Rate – Manufacturing

Caddo Parish              State of Louisiana

                   7.6%                             10.4%

Source: Second Quarter of 2010 –