Industrial Sites (The Parks)

The Gateway Region provides ideal industrial sites, manufacturing sites and buildings in our competitive, northwest Louisiana location.  The Gateway Region is a great location for business.  The region is uniquely positioned for market access to the entire south-central/mid-west U.S.

There are many reasons for a business to locate in the Gateway Region:

  • Economic location: low-cost access to major markets
  • Market access: highway, rail, air and water access to major Midwest and Southeast markets
  • Transportation cost: low costs for intermodal transportation
  • Electric power: competitively priced
  • Workforce: labor pool from three states

The Gateway Region is part of the Shreveport MSA.  The MSA region has a population of 398,604 (2010 census) and over 500,000 population with the addition of neighboring Arkansas and Texas communities.

The Gateway Region has two excellent industrial parks ready for occupancy.

THE VIVIAN INDUSTRIAL PARK is located north of the city of Vivian off of LA Highway 1. It has 7 acres zoned for heavy development, with water, sewer, electricity and natural gas in place.

THE WARD II INDUSTRIAL PARK is located off LA Highway 1 south of the town of Vivian. It has nearly 1,000 acres zoned for heavy industrial with water, sewer, electricity and natural gas in place.

Gateway Region Ward II Industrial Park Certified as Development Ready by Louisianna Economic Development. This industrial park is approximently 950 acres in size and located off LA Highway 1 with nearby access to the I-49 currently under construction and expected to be completed in the Fall of 2012/Spring 2013.

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Gateway Regional Map with I-49     Ward II Expansion

Click Here to view a Location Map of the Ward II Industrial Park.

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