Vivian and Oil City are ideally located between two interstate highways- I-30 to the north and I-20 to the south. Access to these interstate highways is by US Highway 71 and La Highway 1.

The north-south interstate I-49 extension, is now under development, and when completed in 2013, will run from I-10 in southern Louisiana to Kansas City, Missouri.

The Gateway Region is served by three major motor freight carriers and there are numerous motor freight companies in nearby Shreveport.

The Vivian airport has a lighted 3,000 foot runway with an instrument landing system. The nearby Shreveport Regional Airport, with over 44 daily flights, provides excellent air travel and air freight services.

Rail service through the region is provided by Kansas City Southern Railway and Union Pacific Railway.  Kansas City Southern mainline traverses the western side of the Ward II Industrial Park.

Water transportation is available at the Port of Shreveport-Bossier. It is a shallow draft port with a 9-foot channel depth and provides river barge transportation that ties into the Mississippi River and the Intercoastal Canal.

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